.....Every animal has to eat at least once a day (puppies eat multiple times a day, depending on age and those are included in the "user manual" with each of our puppies). When it comes to feeding there are different opinions. Generally, if the dog is to eat dry kibble, it's better to buy known brands, even though they tend to be more expensive, as they often have better ingredients. Our first female didn't like any expensive kibble and since we didn't want to feed her cheap kibble (of unknown origin) we decided to feed her BARF.
.....BARF (biologically approved raw food) is a feeding system passed on more 'natural' foods that wild dogs used to consume. It's becoming a more and more popular form of feeding, although not as popular in large kennels, as it's more time consuming. You can find more details about it online and in "user manual" of our dogs.
.....Tigra and Lolek eat a combination of different raw meets (beef, chicken and horseflesh) with rice, barely or other cereal, a mix of oils and some fruit or vegetable (apple, carrot or beetroot). Once a week we also give them a raw egg, fresh cheese, sprats or chicken hearts or livers.
..... Just as we take vitamins and supplements, we should also give them to our dogs. Till they were 1 year old, we've been giving them Vitawet (appropriately to their weight). Currently we give them Megavit, prepared eggshell powder and evening primrose oil. However, during pregnancy and at old age, we adjust their supplements.
..... About once a week it's good to check their ears, and if required we should gently clean them. It's a very delicate and important job that often may require some help, to keep the dog's head still. Similarly, once a week we brush their hair and we clean the teeth. Teeth cleaning isn't as requiring, as most show dog's they are used to showing their teeth. Bathing also isn't required too frequently. We usually bath them before every dog show. However, they may require it if they're for example very muddy after the walk (which doesn't happen that often, as amstaff's tend to be fairly clean).
..... Of course, we take them to the vet once a year to apply a rabies vaccine.
..... In my opinion, the most important part is exercise. I think it's a dog for active people. They're great for jogging, swimming (in the summer), and plenty of other sports. Lolek loves to retrieve and run around with Tigra and Anna. In the summer he learned to dive, which terrified all the observers. Tigra loves swimming, agility and retrieving. In the winter it turned out that she also likes to play in snow with Anna. Niulka is a true couch potato, her favourite sport in the summer is laying down in the sun (or in bed under the covers during winter). Princessa, on the other hand, is a bit mischievous, and Karmi loves car rides.
.....Our dogs are also blood donors and that way they help save lives of other dogs.

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